VI AEICBAS Biomedical Congress

On the way to its sixth edition, the AEICBAS Biomedical Congress stands out for its universality and multidisciplinarity, in an authentic approach to the Life Sciences.

The ABC assembles students of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Aquatic Life Sciences, Biochemistry and Bioengineering, during 4 days, in which emergent subjects in the scientific community are approached, since topics which are transversal to others which are specific for each of the five courses. It counts on a diverse and innovative programme, including workshops, lectures, conferences, round tables and posters presentation. Moments of leisure and sharing of experiences and ideas are encouraged, through the construction of an amazing social program, received with great enthusiasm by the participants. Just as scientific progress has no barriers, our ambition and desire to make ABC always bigger and better has no limits. Thus, the VI AEICBAS Biomedical Congress is designed to be increasingly complete, embracing and global.