The registrations will take place online at UpEvents:

We strongly advise you to read these important documents, in order for the process to go as smoothly as possible: Regulation and our Registrations Guide
And for any questions, please contact us on our facebook page or/and send an email to

First phase

In order to guarantee a spot in our congress, you need to complete the first phase of the registration. This registration includes attendance to the mornings lectures (that are the same for all participants), lunches and attendance to the programme of the afternoons of the participant's area of study, which will be chosen by them AND according to their preferences. It will occur from March 6th until 10th March:
- March 6th, 21h GMT: for students of Veterinary Medicine and Aquatic Sciences (from ICBAS or other faculties)
- March 8th, 21h GMT: for students of Medicine (from ICBAS or other faculties)
- March 10th, 21H GMT: for students of Bioengineering and Biochemistry (from ICBAS or other faculties)
In the event that the number of vacancies are not all filled, there will be a second phase of registrations.

Morning Packs (March 31st, 21h GMT)

This pack only includes morning lectures, therefore the lunches and afternoon programme are excluded. Its main purpose is to allow other students from scientific areas to attend the transversal and multidisciplinary conferences of the mornings, despite not being from one of the five areas and, therefore, not participating on the afternoons of the congress.
It will be held SEPARATELY AND POSTERIORLY to the first phase of the registration on March 31st, 21h GMT.

Registrations for the Social Programme (April 6th, 21h GMT)

The registrations for the Social Programme, contrary to previous editions, will occur SEPARATELY AND POSTERIOLY to the first phase of registrations. This to ensure that the students to have time to think thoroughly and decide whether they wish to participate in it.
It will be held on April 6th, 21h GMT.